SkillUp Together Fund

With the SkillUp Together Fund, workers may receive a grant up to $1,000 to use towards program tuition or other resources like laptops, groceries, or childcare.

Who Qualifies

Getting Started

Eligibility is simple. In order to qualify, there are only three requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Earn less than $40,000 a year
  • Have no Bachelor’s degree

That’s it. 

How It Works

About the SkillUp Together Fund

The SkillUp Together Fund provides grants for up to $1,000 for workers seeking training programs with our participating training partners. Funds can be used for tuition assistance or other life expenses including laptops, groceries, rent, or childcare.

Our fund offers training in career fields including HVAC, Electrical, Medical, Customer Experience and several levels of Information Technology. 

Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Get Started


Explore the various career fields and trainings to find a program that matches your interests and needs.


Select a program from our participating fund providers. Apply directly with the provider and mention the SkillUp Together Fund.


Once accepted, the training program will provide up to $1,000 toward tuition or additional resources like laptops, groceries or training supplies.

Eligible Programs

Trusted, Vetted Partners

The training partners we select have a proven track record of students completing the course, getting placed in jobs, and earning increased wages.

We also look at program length and cost when considering programs. Your career is our top concern, so training providers cannot pay to be listed or featured on our site.

Click into any training partner below to learn more about their program – when ready, apply directly with the partner and reference the SkillUp Together Fund.
Local Programs
Local Programs

SkillUp Together Fund Recipients

Hear from some users who have already received scholarships!

Hear from SkillUp Together Fund recipient, Brianna, as she shares her upskilling journey from custodian to IT Support Specialist.


Lia Sims-Okundaye

Lia Sims-Okundaye

Graduate from Boston

“ My Per Scholas journey was challenging but well worth it! I enrolled in the remote IT Support which started on February 1st, 2021 and just finished the 12-week course. The financial support from the SkillUp partnership has helped to support me through my IT Support Course by helping to provide me with my essentials and assisting my family with groceries. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and I am looking forward to starting my new career in Information Technology! ”

Damion Arthur

Damion Arthur

Graduate from Newark

“ The financial help I received through the partnership between Per Scholas and SkillUp was fantastic. The money helped me and my family with bills and allowed me to apply my full attention to school. It is a tough road from beginning to end. I only wish I knew about it sooner in life. But they say things happen for a reason and I’m so glad. If it wasn’t for the financial team I would not have been able to put all my focus into school. I thank the Per Scholas team for helping me to become a graduate and move onto a successful career. Thank you.”


General Questions

So, how does SkillUp work? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear. 

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How many learners can receive these scholarships?
SkillUp is helping more than 850 students right now with this grant, and we expect to award at least 2,000 students between January and March of 2021. If you are an eligible student considering a program with a fund-eligible provider, enrolling quickly gives you the best opportunity to receive funding.
What if a program I’m interested in is not listed as scholarship-eligible?

Many training providers have access to several grant, scholarship or fundraising options. If your program is not listed as scholarship-eligible, contact the training provider to see what other options might be available. SkillUp plans to add training programs and providers every month, so check back in the future to see if there are new options for you.

I don’t qualify for this scholarship; what other funding options do I have?
If you are looking for options to pay for a training program listed on this site, contact the training provider to see what other options might be available.
How is the $1000 awarded?

SkillUp awards the scholarship directly to training partners, who will use the funds to support the SkillUp members directly.

How do I get my scholarship?
After becoming a SkillUp member and identifying a career pathway and fund-eligible training program, you work directly with that training provider to complete the application process. When applying, provide your SkillUp ID (included in your SkillUp welcome email) and work directly with your training provider to validate your eligibility and make sure the scholarship gets applied to your application.
I don’t see all of these training programs for one of the careers listed above?
Some of the scholarship-eligible training providers focus on serving their local communities so you won’t see them listed if you do not live in their service area. When you get personalized career recommendations, we show you the training programs that are available to you, either in your local community or online nationally. We are constantly broadening our catalog, so check back often for new programs near you.
I am a training provider. How can I be considered for the fund?
Training providers who are already listed on the SkillUp platform will be invited to apply for fund eligibility on a rolling basis driven by worker-demand for programs, and SkillUp’s fund capacity. If you are not yet listed on SkillUp’s platform and would like to be considered, please complete this form.

Still Deciding Your Next Move?

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