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If you’ve lost your job due to COVID-19, we’re here to help. Our new non-profit helps you build a roadmap to a new career path. Take our 30-second questionnaire to find opportunities & trainings for in-demand jobs near you.

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How We Help

3 steps to success is a new resource built to help people break into growing career fields. We’re a nonprofit dedicated to helping workers who lost jobs or wages because of coronavirus. Here’s how our free service works: 


Get Career Guidance

Learn about recommended career paths based on your previous jobs, how you like to work, and what industries are growing in your region


Get Career Training

Find free and low-cost programs that match your career goals


Get Hired!

Connect to open jobs that will also help you advance your education and learn new skills

SkillUp helps COVID-impacted workers get rehired for in-demand jobs

Has the coronavirus impacted your job? Use our free tool to learn about promising career paths that are a good fit for you, access training and connect with employers hiring near you.


General Questions

So, how does SkillUp work? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear. 

What do you mean by ‘in-demand jobs’?

SkillUp helps people discover jobs that pay well, plus offer opportunities for growth and advancement. We just launched, and to begin, we are focused on jobs in the growing fields of healthcare and technology.  We will continue to add more career fields in the weeks and months ahead.

Why should I take the time to register with SkillUp?

We know this might be a very stressful time for you and we’ve built SkillUp to quickly provide relief to you and others in need. Our free tool can help you discover in-demand jobs available to you now or after a short training program. It takes less than two minutes to get your personalized recommendations.

How much do the training programs cost, will I have to take on debt?

We’ve done our best to find the best free and low-cost training programs where available, but some do require tuition. That’s because we want to make sure they are worth your time and will help you prepare for in-demand jobs. Soon we’ll be able to help you tap into available government financial aid and we’re working with partners to raise funds to help cover your tuition costs.


Resources to accelerate your upskilling journey

Resources to accelerate your upskilling journey

The journey to re-launch your career begins with a single step Making a decision to learn new skills and upskill into a new career path is no small feat. Upskilling is a journey that requires time and dedication, but with the proper support, the road to your...

SkillUp’s Breaking Barriers Series: UpSkill Your Way to Your Dream Job

SkillUp’s Breaking Barriers Series: UpSkill Your Way to Your Dream Job

10 months ago, COVID-19 ripped through the United States. In a short time span, the pandemic flipped the economy upside down. This resulted in tens of millions of workers losing their jobs and a wide range of businesses having to close their doors for good. Despite this unforeseen devastation, there are industries that have continued to grow — and even thrive