Twannetta Weaver was a rising star in the hospitality industry, on track for a Director position, when the Pandemic hit. While she’d been considering a career change before the Pandemic, the unprecedented circumstances placed urgency on the change. Her position was eliminated, and her career aspirations were abruptly interrupted.

“I instantly saw all of the things that can go wrong in your life. As the primary breadwinner for my household, I suddenly worried about: basics, housing, transportation, food.. everything.”

One thing became clear to Twannetta: she wanted to change career paths, quickly but also thoughtfully.

“I knew I needed to build on the strengths I had, but it was difficult to know where to begin.”

At this time, Twannetta learned about SkillUp. She already had a passion for marketing but she found that without a degree, positions were hard to come by.

SkillUp helped connect Twannetta to courses and training in her local area at Seminole State College and within three months, her passion turned into two certifications. Ongoing engagement with Skillup helped Twannetta and further shaped her path. With regular workshops, career coaching, and peer-to-peer connection, Twannetta was able to get the support she needed to complete her training and feel confident about her future.