How SkillUp Empowered Jacoby to Navigate Career Transition and Gain Confidence:

SkillUp empowered Jacoby, a trans man and remote worker from Rochester, New York, to overcome career obstacles and gain confidence. By providing valuable resources for resume development, career coaching, and job search, SkillUp helped Jacoby to identify transferable skills, set achievable goals, and uncover a unique career path that combines healthcare and UI/UX design.

Jacoby is a dedicated individual looking to transition into the healthcare and psychology sector, while also gaining skills in UI/UX design. He has been utilizing SkillUp for over a year to aid his career transition and skill-building.

Challenge: Jacoby was struggling to find work in a highly competitive environment, and his remote location added to the challenge. He stated, “It’s been really challenging over the past several years.” Jacoby needed guidance to enhance his resume, identify transferable skills, and navigate job search in his desired fields.

Jacoby began his journey with SkillUp by exploring the resources it provides for resume development, career coaching, and job searches. He attended webinars and workshops, gaining insights into career planning, goal setting, and identifying transferable skills.

“SkillUp is a much easier resource to tap into,” Jacoby says. By leveraging the tools and resources provided by SkillUp, he was able to build a stronger resume, identify transferable skills, and gain clarity on his career goals. He also started using SkillUp’s job search platform to find relevant job opportunities.

With SkillUp, Jacoby was able to make significant strides in his career transition journey. He says, “I’ve been able to accomplish things that I’ve been struggling with. I’ve been able to accomplish building a resume, I’ve been able to accomplish looking into different types of training that I might not have been able to afford or find.” The resources and support from SkillUp helped him gain confidence, align his skills with his career goals, and navigate the job market more effectively.

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