Spring Clean Your Resume!

Mar 20, 2023

It’s Springtime and your linen closet is not the only area that needs some sprucing up! If you have plans of landing a new gig this year now is the time to dust off the old resume and well…update it. Just as modern roles and job descriptions have changed noticeably over the years it is just as important if not more so now to have a resume that highlights all the reasons why you are the right candidate. Creating a resume that has sought after elements will open doors for you, get you past  those ever challenging applicant tracking systems, to the coveted gatekeepers (you know the recruiter and hiring manager) and ultimately help you to land an interview.

The Key is in the Keywords.

You’ve probably heard about the use of keywords and that you need them in your resume. According to a recent Forbes article published earlier this year, “vocabulary you use in your resume matters.” You should use keywords that align with the job description you are interested in pursuing to emphasize what you bring to the table as an experienced applicant. The same is true if you are applying for a role that you’ve never held before; however, you feel that you have transferable skills that will serve you well in the new job.

Quantify Your Prior Results.

Whenever possible you should provide specific details on your results from your current or previous employer that you did to tackle an issue or solve a problem, with data. While you may have been told before to tone down self-bragging, you should ignore that advice and advocate for your wins! For example, if you reduced the company expenses by implementing a cost saving program or process, don’t be afraid to mention that information on your resume. Taking it one step further, be prepared to talk about that success once you land an interview.

Tailor Your Resume

Tailoring resumes for every company you apply to can be time consuming. We get it. But, to give yourself the best chance at landing an interview you must do this step. Recruiters and hiring managers review hundreds of resumes and if yours doesn’t stand out there is a high likelihood that it will be passed over. You will want to call out the role and department (if you know what it is) that you are applying to. Ensure use of terminology associated with that role – again – this information can be found in the job description. Also try leveraging LinkedIn to search for the company and any employees  that hold the role you are interested in. Once you find those people, check out their profiles. You may be surprised at how much information you can find by researching the company and learning more about the positions that they are trying to fill.

Need help getting started? Head HERE to look at a few FREE resume templates our team has crafted.

 While no one specific action or resume can ever guarantee that you will get hired, giving yourself the best opportunity to be selected from the vast pool of applicants and scheduled for an interview is the most important part of your job search journey. For help with career coaching or for more information on how to join a career coaching live session, please visit SkillUp Resources.


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