Welcoming 2022 With Our Reflection of 2021

Jan 4, 2022

When any year comes to a close, we are filled with a level of excitement in us that only seems to be surreal at this time of year. Excitement for a sense of new beginnings, a brand new chapter. This can be one of the most helpful parts of this time of year. With 12 new months ahead we can look back to where we were this time last year and celebrate the differences in ourselves and our victories.

With this reflection and attention to positive change, taking note of what we have learned on our journey this past year, can give us the opportunity to apply it to the year ahead. We can better ourselves to take with us what has helped us in moving forward and to leave behind what has not. This is a time for self-exploration. The idea might sound intimidating and overwhelming, but it’s really just a process of becoming aware of one’s true potential. It starts with examining your life, figuring out what’s missing and cultivating a plan towards fulfillment.

We here at SkillUp are a supportive community, committed to your career journey success. You’re in charge of the journey, the more ground you cover through self exploration, the more you’ll discover about yourself. So here are some tips to get you started in kicking off your self discovery journey to a path of fulfillment.

  • Start by visualizing your ideal self

You don’t need to have a clear picture – after all your journey is all about discovering what the full picture is. It can be helpful to think back to a time when you felt fulfilled and happy and consider what contributed.

  • Explore your passions

Passions help give life purpose and make it rich and meaningful. Living out your passions might involve identifying the job you really want and researching the straps necessary for a career change. Or, maybe it’s exploring ways to enhance the skills you already have. Identify what excites you and brings joy to your life.

  • Try new things

One good way to begin figuring out your passions is to do something new and totally different. You won’t know what you enjoy until you give it a shot, right? Maybe you’ve always had an interest in the medical field but never attempted anything. Check our website and partners for free or low-cost training programs!

  • Evaluate your skills

Most people have a particular knack for something or other. Being able to identify your skills and utilize them refines them, which can increase your confidence. Greater self-confidence, in turn, can encourage you to keep exploring these talents, along with any others you may not have noticed before.

  • Identify what you value about yourself

Your personal values, or the specific qualities you view as most important and meaningful, can tell you a lot about yourself. Making this part of your self-discovery process can have a lot of benefit and make certain that you’re living them out.

Once you’ve taken a moment to sit and reflect, the door to 2021 can be closed. But don’t forget the end of the year is also a reminder to live it up and celebrate! The small victories, meaningful moments and accomplishments.

 Here at SkillUp we are celebrating that we have:

  • Launched eight regional sites in local communities
    • (Los Angeles, Bay Area, Louisiana, Central Florida, New York, Philadelphia, Ohio and Northern Nevada)
  • Helped 500k users get connected with training/job opportunities
  • Successfully funded 900 people with our SkillUp Together Fund Grant
  • Had over 700 attendees receive career coaching with our free career coaching sessions

We hope to celebrate all of those accomplishments and carry them proudly and boldly into the new year. More than ever, we are working hard and are excited about what we can offer to you in 2022!


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