Vaccine Mandate Shapes A New Workforce

Dec 7, 2021

Since the reopening of workplaces and the emergence of highly transferable variants of the Coronavirus, the threat to workers in big or small companies is ongoing. The Biden administration released details of a sweeping mandate they are calling the “vaccine or test rule.” The measure requires businesses of 100 or more employees to mandate coronavirus vaccinations by January or enforce weekly testing of their workers. The Labor Department has chosen the 100-employee benchmark because at that size employers are more likely to have the administrative capacity to enforce the mandate. 

For companies to operate in standard for compliance with the new rule set forth by the Biden administration, there will be many challenges. In some cases, companies are deliberating whether to delay hiring to keep employee numbers under 100 as they want assurance that the mandate would not apply to them. The administration claims it has taken these actions to protect workers, not penalize businesses. However the fear of losing numbers of current staff who remain resistant to vaccination if the mandate is enforced on their business could be devastating. 

At this time employers are trying to understand and determine the new rule’s legal requirements. In the new year we may see a shift of employment opportunities going more remote and those that are exclusively performed outdoors as the rule does not apply. We may also see a wave of openings in workplaces for those who are vaccinated or willing to be tested on a weekly basis. As new variants keep arising and realizing the pandemic is not going away any time soon, companies are going to do whatever it takes to protect their employees and the people they serve. 

Are you currently being impacted by this mandate? If you are looking for remote work, or training in remote work, check out some of our resources below. 

If you  need a job now, check out these sites to filter through remote jobs: (weekly or monthly cost, not free)

If you want to learn how to get into a career training that will lead to remote work, check out our past blogs below. As a rule of thumb, and because we know there is a lot of confusion around what remote work is and how to access it, roles that can be done through a computer or portable device, have a higher likelihood of leading to remote work. Additionally, many industries are opening up to remote work (outside of Tech). Jobs in customer service, customer support, billing, marketing, sales, IT, and many more are just a few roles that can be done remotely. 

Also, outside of the type of work, finding a remote job can also be done by researching the culture of an organization. If they progressive, they will support remote work and create workflows that will support this type of workforce.

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*We are not medical professionals nor are we equipped to answer vaccine specific questions and recommend speaking to your medical provider should you have questions specific to the vaccine

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