Three Ways To Fit Career Training Into A Busy Schedule

Jul 21, 2022

We know that it can be difficult to find time for career training when your schedule is already busy with professional and personal obligations. So we came up with some tips to help you fit career training and learning new skills into a busy schedule!

Find Flexible Training Options

With SkillUp’s new and easy to use experience, you can browse and filter trainings by the time it takes to complete them, which makes it easy to find training programs that fit your schedule. You can also find training programs that are flexible so you can complete them around your current schedule or whatever timing works best for you. Many training programs offered through SkillUp’s platform are remote and can be accessed from anywhere, making it easy to learn new skills, no matter your schedule! Finding flexible training options is the first step to making sure you can fit career training into your busy schedule.

Create A Timeline For Yourself

After finding the right training program for your schedule, make sure to look ahead and create a timeline for yourself. Mapping out a timeline of when you want to finish your training program and all of the steps you need to get there will help you stay accountable and on track. Take a look at your schedule a month ahead of time, and at the beginning of each month, so you can see where you can fit in time for training. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself if you need to extend your timeline or shift it around. Unexpected changes come up in our lives, so being flexible is important.

Make Sure You Have Support

Finding a supportive community while completing career training can help you connect with people who will celebrate your wins and relate to your challenges. 

Our Career Coaching Group offers free weekly career coaching sessions that help job seekers better prepare for every area of the career journey. Upcoming sessions include Building Career Skills and Experience, Building Career Confidence, and more. 

If you have some extra time, you can also join SkillUp’s Career Builders Group. This group is for anyone over 18 that is looking to make a career change and wants to receive bi-weekly career support. 

And make sure to follow SkillUp on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and join our Facebook Career Group to connect with workers across the country and find helpful tips and resources. 


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