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Our SkillUp Together Fund team is ready to help you personalize your giving and make an impact.
Thanks to donors like you, displaced Americans will be able to unlock new economic mobility for themselves and their families for generations to come.

Who benefits from the SkillUp Together Fund?

Currently, grants are available to for workers 18 years or older, earning less than $40,000 a year, and who don’t have a bachelor’s degree.

How are the funds distributed?

SkillUp is providing grants of up to $1,000 per worker directly to training partners to help eligible students enroll and succeed in high-quality training programs.

How many workers will the fund support?

The SkillUp Together Fund aims to raise $30 million which would go directly to supporting 3,000 workers and their families.

Can donations be made for designated regions?

Yes. Donor partners can choose to donate nationally to upskilling opportunities or designate their funds be directed to workers from a particular area. Contact to discuss custom giving opportunities

Are grants really distributed immediately?

Yes. SkillUp has already released more than $500,000 as grants to workers in 2021, and new grants are made on a rolling basis.

How are training providers selected?

All the providers participating in the fund have been vetted by Social Finance for their strong track record in workers completing the course, getting placed in jobs and earning increased wages. We also look at program length and cost when considering providers.

Who are the partners behind the SkillUp Together Fund?

The SkillUp Together Fund is co-founded by JFF, Opportunity@Work, SkillUp, Social Finance and Stand Together. All the founders are non-profit 501c3 organizations.

What are the outcomes for workers?

Grants are offered for students enrolled in programs that have a track record for high completion rates and significant increase in earnings.

Do we have any impact stories?

Coming soon! Our first grants were released in January 2021

What is SkillUp?

SkillUp is a national coalition that manages, an online platform that serves as a one-stop shop for displaced workers seeking employment. After answering a series of work experience and preference questions, SkillUp provides the worker with career path options, available jobs, and fully-funded or low-cost classes and certification options that each worker needs to land the next job. SkillUp helps workers imagine, plan, and connect the dots from where they are right now, to where they want to be in their future career.

How will my donation have a lasting impact?

Timely, effective and affordable training will be a vital component of the professional experience for the majority of American workers in the economy of the future. The SkillUp Together Fund is a model for innovating funding models to drive economic mobility.