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Our Pipeline to Success

We’re proud to work with our partners to provide a rapid
reskilling system that works.

Eligible Programs


The Fund is open to any worker in the US who is at least 18, earning less than $40,000 a year, and has not earned a Bachelor’s degree to attend an approved training program.

We’ve secured and identified the best training partners where typically 80% of students graduate, secure jobs, and increase their income within 6 to 12 months of graduation. Graduates go on with the skills and confidence needed to enter high-growth industries. Throughout this process, donors can empower workers with grants to help cover training costs and supports. Our reskilling process will unlock access to a new talent market, with expert training from the most in-demand skills.

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IT Support

Begin your IT Support career learning the fundamentals through hands-on instruction covering core concepts and technologies. Students can master technical skills and earn industry certificates to prepare for entry-level technology jobs.

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Training Acclerator Programs

Generation partners with leaders in education to help guide students into technology-focused apprenticeships, internships, continued education, or full-time employment.

IT Support Specialist

Generation trains you for computer-user support and network support roles—well-paid, middle-skills jobs with strong career pathways. After completing the program and taking the exam, you will have your CompTIA A+ certification. These industry-recognized credentials provide you with the skills to quickly progress in a technology career in one of multiple sectors.

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IT Support

Learn the core aspects of IT support, from systems administration to troubleshooting systems and IT security, in 14 weeks with $0 upfront. Flexible online learning paired with professional coaching and peer support. Earn an industry-recognized certificate and work with a placement coach to find your new career in IT support.

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Program IT 2000 – IT Helpdesk Adminstrator

Online career training program to get an entry-level job in the IT field and building and managing networks for businsses and organization. In 18 weeks, graduates will be connected to industry leads with a starting average salary of $38,000.

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CompTIA Tech Career Academy

Graduates learn technical skills to successfully pass the CompTIA A+ certification exam. In-person and online classes offer underrepresented workers to connect with potential employers in the IT sector.

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Apprenti combines (1) a diversity-focused talent sourcing strategy, (2) a bias-reducing screening process, (3) 2-5 months of intense technical instruction, and (4) 2000 hours/one year of on-the-job training in order to create alternative recruiting pipelines into well-compensated roles in technology careers.

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i.c.stars Program

i.c.stars offers a unique two-year program that provides an opportunity for low-income adults to develop advanced technical and leadership skills.

Our alums earn more money, continue to increase expertise in information technology-based platforms and join a supportive network that provides the resources necessary to help make the changes they seek in their own lives and in their community.