Accelerating Career Transitions with SkillUp:

Stephanie leveraged SkillUp’s platform to facilitate a career switch into IT, gain valuable training, and secure remote work opportunities. SkillUp’s user-friendly interface and scam-free job listings provided Stephanie with an efficient, reliable resource for her career transition.

Stephanie is a New Jersey-based professional who has been with SkillUp for four months. Seeking a career shift into IT and greater work flexibility, she turned to SkillUp as a trusted resource.

“[I] couldn’t find a website that didn’t have that many scams…,” says Stephanie about her initial job hunting process. She was desperate to find a platform that offered legitimate job listings and training opportunities. She wanted to switch careers without investing too much time or money in further education.

Stephanie found SkillUp user-friendly and resourceful. She navigated through various training options, eventually choosing a free IT support training program. SkillUp’s transparent information about each training’s cost and benefits helped Stephanie make an informed decision. 

“[SkillUp] gives you the description and what are they looking for, the qualifications and everything…,” notes Stephanie. The solution she found was a comprehensive training program in IT support, complete with certification vouchers and internship opportunities.

With SkillUp, Stephanie gained access to a reliable job listing platform, valuable training, and career counseling. The free IT training she undertook has equipped her with networking, hardware, and virtualization skills. Stephanie states, “I regain my confidence in myself, in some way, because I feel like I wasn’t realizing my potential until I started doing this program.” Furthermore, she appreciates the increase in remote job listings on SkillUp, which aligns with her desire for work flexibility.

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