Darvis PridGeon has always had an interest in the IT field, but with a diverse career background, he wasn’t sure how to best make the switch to the tech industry.

“I’ve worked in plenty of different fields and industries, including food and beverage, sports and entertainment, and mechanical engineering. Having received my Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology, I thought that was the career path I wanted to pursue. However, I didn’t get to do an internship which is vital if you want to work in the manufacturing engineering field. While I was excited about the potential to be an engineer, it didn’t pan out as I’d hoped. I knew I needed to focus on a new goal, and that was IT.”

SkillUp came into the picture as Darvis searched for different roles and opportunities within the tech industry. 

“I was on the hunt for resources when I found SkillUp, and it helped me find career opportunities, employer connections, and even apprenticeships. Having a family, the most important thing for me is creating a work-life balance. And SkillUp has shown me how to find the right opportunity at the right time.”

Not only that, but SkillUp helped Darvis to hone in on areas where he wanted to improve, like networking and how to present his best self to employers. With the help of SkillUp and partner InsideTrack’s virtual group coaching supports, he found the accountability he needed.

And being a part of a community of workers and hearing their unique and diverse perspectives on career development gave Darvis hope for the future.

“SkillUp played an important role in where I am now. It gave me the opportunity to have a different perspective and showed me how to engage, make connections, and show off my worth and value.”

From boosting his resume to gaining confidence in connecting and engaging with potential employers, Darvis built the skills he needed to propel himself forward in the tech industry.