Carmen Moreno is a prime example of the power of networking. Carmen was unemployed and feeling hopeless and lost in her career when a friend referred her to LevelUp Bay Area. Carmen began attending free weekly career coaching sessions led by SkillUp and LevelUp Bay Area, which provided her hope and guidance after she found herself in need of a new career. 

Through weekly small group career coaching sessions, Carmen learned strategies to build career confidence, such as tips to make her resume stand out to employers, how to present her diverse skill sets, strategies for interviewing, and even mental health resources and exercises. She learned how to gain control over her career and how to find a job that is aligned with her personal goals and values.

For Carmen, a huge part of what kept her coming back to coaching was knowing she had support which helped her feel she was not alone in her current situation. Through networking, you can make progress on your career path too.

About LevelUp Bay Area, powered by SkillUp:

LevelUp Bay Area provides unique value to coaching participants by offering free, weekly career coaching in a safe, virtual space with professional coaches who are equipped to help tackle difficult questions.

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