SkillUp helps connect and support workers to break into the Tech Industry:

Jane, chose a certification program over the traditional college route for two key reasons: 1) it was free, and 2) it was self-paced. Jane completed a full-time, twelve-week, online course through Per Scholas. Once she completed her program, she was able to meet with a career development coach to receive help with interviews and her resume. Jane also met with a financial coach that connected her to SkillUp. Her program not only taught her the skills for the work she craved but also helped propel her through full wraparound support, which is crucial when you are looking for your next role.

Cameile, joined the IT support program at Per Scholas, a program that connected her to SkillUp. Camiele knew she needed to boost her confidence and SkillUp gave her the skills to feel confident in her career transition and not doubt herself or her abilities. SkillUp not only connects workers to career training but to tools and resources to help anyone needing career support and a career confidence boost.


About Per Scholas:

Discover certification courses like IT Support or Full Stack Java Developer, that offers a 12 week opportunity to earn the IT Support Professional Certificate or the CompTIA A+ certification, equipping you with the knowledge to fill a wide range of entry-level technology jobs. Currently offered online and in-person.