Did you know SkillUp brings together over 60 world-class organizations in our ecosystem?
Founded in 2020, SkillUp Coalition is a nonprofit composed of over 60 training and education providers, employers, tech firms, and philanthropies. SkillUp is dedicated to helping millions of frontline workers get re-hired for in-demand jobs in high-growth industries. We are a resource you can trust for career navigation and training resources and have an expansive training catalog with trusted partners offering training in the healthcare field, tech, business, the skilled trades, and many more! But how does SkillUp decide which partners to bring into our network? Learn more below!

Anytime SkillUp adds a training partner to our catalog, we look at many factors:
• We look at programs that have a demonstrated record of completion, placement, and earnings
• These programs must lead to skills or a credential that will offer a high market value (meaning you will have skills that are in high demand and have salary growth potential)
• Programs must graduate 80% of learners
•Training programs that show an average annual income increase by $20,000

We believe one of the best ways to advance your career is through upskilling.
Upskilling helps bridge skills gaps. Over 70% of hiring managers report that a skills gap exists in the current job pool. Upskilling (the act of building on the skills you already have either in your current industry or a different industry) helps bridge this skills gap and also makes you competitive in the job market. Upskilling can happen by taking training programs as short as 1 month or as long as 2 years for career development.

Upskilling also can lead to:

• Wage/salary growth
• Making a career change
• Enhance your work-life balance
• Improve yourself and the quality of life for your family
• Create a high level of satisfaction in the work you do

SkillUp actively works on identifying what roles and career pathways are growing by evaluating the stability of those industries and the current demand for talent as well as new role creation. Additionally, we evaluate the wage growth in those industries as well. The pandemic cast a light on the shift that is happening in the workforce. Some jobs and industries have been diminished, while other industries are thriving and have a demand for talent that is unprecedented. If you are considering a new role within your industry or changing industries, now is a perfect time to start exploring training programs to make this possible.