SkillUp Career Group Coaching

Feb 18, 2021

SkillUp Group Coaching

Zoom Coaching

Looking to land a new, more stable job in a growing field like healthcare, technology or business? SkillUp has launched a free group career coaching series to help navigate your career.

These small group sessions will offer you the opportunity to work directly with a pair of expert career coaches and also connect with other job seekers.

In these sessions, you will learn how to identify your skills and strengths, obtain new skills, and explore career/job opportunities that are unique to you.

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Building Career Confidence Skills
May 12
3pm PT/6pm ET

When our job status changes, it can often impact the way we view ourselves as professionals. We must reflect on the attitudes and beliefs we hold about ourselves as employees, about various career options, and our ideal outcomes because they will impact our behavior. Understanding these attitudes and beliefs may unlock newfound confidence in our search.


Instagram Live Group Coaching

If you can’t attend our Zoom Coaching sessions, we also have an Instagram Live coaching sessions coming up in the month of May.

These sessions require no prior registration! Join our Instagram live at the following dates/times to view the live coaching sessions!

May 19
Instagram Live Session
Clarifying What You Want in Your Next Role
3-4pm PT/6-7pm ET
Understanding what is important to you in a career can help cut through the noise of the career search process. In this session, you will learn to use a tool to understand what your dream job looks like. You’ll be able to define the characteristics of your dream job which will refine how you search for a job, what you include in a resume/cover letter, and what you cover in interviews.

Join here: SkillUp Coalition (@skillupcoalition) • Instagram photos and video

Facebook Career Change Group 

Keep the conversations going and make new connections by connecting on our Facebook Career Change Community Group. This is a supportive resource where you can ask questions of expert career coaches, connect with other career changers, plus get and give support during this challenging time.




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