SkillUp Career Builder Cohort

Join our Cohort Today!

SkillUp, a new non-profit organization dedicated to helping adults (18+) find rewarding careers in high-growth industries, is seeking participants for a long-term focus group of paid ($25/hr) advisors. If this sounds like you, we’d like you to join one of our informational webinars below!

We are seeking adults:
– 18 or older
– Making less than $40,000 a year 
– Have between 1-5 hours a month for feedback activities

As a new non-profit, we hope to learn from your journey and inspire others with your success. We are looking for a diverse group of people from across the U.S. 

Along with your participation in this group and valuable feedback you will provide SkillUp, we will pay you $25/hr for time spent sharing your journey with us and providing feedback on our offerings, up to $75/month for the next 12 months.