Rideshare- To help get you around.

Jun 21, 2022

There are many forms of ridesharing. For example, most popular today are Lyft and Uber, for those unfamiliar it’s essentially an alternative taxi service. Ride sharing allows drivers who are going to a destination to take someone in need of a ride as well.

Ridesharing also has the unique ability to create a strong networking system, simply through sharing a ride together.

Rideshares have become more affordable than taking a cab, and way safer than hitchhiking! SkillUp would like to offer links and resources to workers who are in need of transportation to and from work, for now below is a list of ridesharing opportunities, if you don’t see your local region hang tight there’s more to come soon!

Lyft – Helping you on your way to work

Thanks to support from Indeed, United Way and Goodwill® are able to provide free rideshare, bike, or scooter rides to help people get to job interviews and training, and/or the first few weeks of work

GoWake SmartRide NE

Free, Convenient Rideshare Services Comes to Northeast Wake County (North Carolina)

Wisconsin’s RIDESHARE program

Free service provided by the state of Wisconsin to connect people to carpool and bicycle commute solutions


Free personalized ride matching services that will find a carpool or vanpool with commuters who live and work near one another.


Massachusetts can help provide transportation for older adults, people with disabilities, veterans, low-income commuters

South Florida Commuter Services

Provides financial and technical assistance to promote alternatives to commuters driving alone. 

511 SF getting you around the Bay Area

Bay Area Carpool Program 




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