The journey to re-launch your career begins with a single step

Making a decision to learn new skills and upskill into a new career path is no small feat. Upskilling is a journey that requires time and dedication, but with the proper support, the road to your destination can be much smoother. As with any new situation, being prepared and having access to the right tools are key to success.

SkillUp understands that COVID-displaced workers have numerous barriers that can stand in the way of upskilling, so we’ve curated the following list of resources to help overcome some of the most common — from computer and internet access to childcare.

Resources to overcome common obstacles:

  • LIFE SERVICES — Our partner Onward US is a one-stop resource ready to help with a variety of essential services, including financial assistance, job placement, and various everyday resources (such as health, goods, food, and housing).
  • INTERNET & COMPUTER ACCESS — Our partner EveryoneOn is a great resource to utilize for help finding local offers on discounted internet services and computer equipment.
  • CHILDCARE — Learn how you can apply for and find child care resources to help with childcare costs at
  • SETTING & TRACKING GOALS — Use our S.M.A.R.T. goal tracking sheet to help take control of your journey and set actionable, attainable goals. This sheet will help you map out how to allocate your time, check-in on your progress, and keep things moving as you upskill into a higher-growth career path.
  • PAYING FOR UPSKILLING (coming soon) — SkillUp will soon launch a new financial assistance program where eligible adult learners can apply for grants of up to $1,000 to cover upskilling tuition and program support. Please watch this space for updates.

We want to support you in your success

SkillUp is here to support you during your journey. We have a variety of career coaching programs, online resources, and a newly created Facebook Career Change group where job seekers working to change careers can support one another. We will continue to update our resource page on an ongoing basis and provide resources to help alleviate the biggest roadblocks you may face. Through our community and various tools, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals!