Five Hot Jobs in Louisiana That Don’t Require a College Degree

Jun 2, 2021

If you are considering changing careers and need a training program that will fit your schedule, consider a rapid reskilling program through one of SkillUp Louisiana’s trusted local partners.  A majority of our partners offer their courses virtually. In our last blog post, we showcased industries that are showing growth in Louisiana. In this blog, we will “double click” on some roles within these industries.

Why should you consider an upskilling program with one of SkillUp Louisiana’s providers? Each training program is centered around jobs in industries that have industry growth potential of over 20% in the next ten years. What does that mean? These jobs offer stability and the peace of mind that you will have skills that will be sought after for years to come, giving you more control over your career.

What jobs are hot in the state of Louisiana?

Pharmacy Tech
Learn about a day in the life of a pharmacy tech and view our providers.

Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)
Learn about being an LVN and view our providers.

Computer User Support Specialist
Learn about being a User Support specialist and view our training providers.

Learn what it’s like to be a welder and view our training providers.

Respiratory Therapist 
Learn about a day in the life of a respiratory therapist.

What are hot industries in the state of Louisiana?
Currently, the technology, business, supply chain, healthcare, and skilled trades are hot and in demand in Louisiana. These industries can be entered through an upskilling program that could cost as little as $250, for a certification that could be earned in as little as months.

What should I keep in mind when changing industries? 

There are three key factors when considering a new industry:

• You want to enter an industry that provides growth opportunities and will be stable through economic uncertainty (like a pandemic).

• You want to choose an industry that is forward-thinking and evolving (new job creation, focus on technology, etc)

• You want to choose an industry that has future wage growth potential

Why are these industries in demand?
The healthcare field has seen a rise in skills not only in clinical and specialized roles but as well as in technology. The pandemic created a new need for telehealth resources, with healthcare organizations enabling patients to book doctor appointments through digital devices instead of assistants and receptionists. Healthcare as a whole has grown steadily for years, with the demand for skilled healthcare workers continuing to rise.

Technology also continues to evolve with organizations adapting to digital transformation. This creates more jobs and a need for skilled workers in these jobs. Computer programs and software are always evolving so there are a lot of opportunities to learn on the job in this field and the opportunities are endless.

The skilled trades are also continuously growing and provide on-the-job training, stability, and growth. There has been a heightened demand for skilled trade workers with the global demand for construction and logistics continuing to grow.

To learn more about which fields are growing and more in-depth information such as salary and projected growth, check out this Greater New Orleans Job Report around growing jobs and what will drive the economy in the next decade in Louisiana.

To learn more, go to SkillUp Louisiana and learn about the offerings from our training providers.

To get started, take our questionnaire and learn more about these roles.

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