What is Earn and Learn
SkillUp is committed to providing career growth for frontline workers to pivot into secure, stable industries. Our platform lists hundreds of free and low-cost training programs in a variety of fields. These flexible programs are intended to be accessible and work around your schedule — and not the other way around — but we understand that life happens and joining a learning program is a commitment that may not fit into every situation. 

This is why aside from rapid re-skilling programs, SkillUp also has a variety of Earn and Learn programs. The programs are ideal for anyone who is actively seeking to get back to work and may not have the time in their schedule for a traditional reskilling program. These programs offer the ability to obtain employment in entry-level positions with companies that want to develop and grow their talent and teach them new skills.

How does Earn and Learn work?
Earn and Learn programs have two components.

• First, they address the needs of workers who are seeking immediate employment

• Second, these programs provide a pathway for upward mobility so employees can grow in their current position and gain new skills

Earn and Learn Opportunities
SkillUp has a growing number of Earn and Learn programs. These roles are tied to well-known organizations and within a wide range of industries to chose from.

Learn and grow: Bank of America has a program that offers learning as a benefit and award-winning training for branch employees. At least four weeks of training is provided for all new hires, and there are continuous learning opportunities available to employees wanting to grow within the organization. Employees in good standing after 6 months of working for BOFA qualify for education benefits that can lead to new opportunities internally, such as progression into a Relationship Banker role.

Lowe’s offers various education benefits, including an HVAC program, which provides free HVAC training to its employees who are seeking heating and air conditioning repair roles as part of the Track to the Trades program.

Who this is ideal for?
Anyone looking to enter an organization they want to grow with and would prefer to work up to a new role with support and learning that is provided by the company.

Skill-building as a benefit: If your job search is focused on finding a job to support your immediate needs, but you want a job that will offer you the ability to learn new skills, an upskilling-friendly employer may be a great option for you. Are you looking for a job to help support yourself now? These roles will offer the ability to learn new skills and offer flexibility for when you can conduct your learning.

Who this ideal for:
Anyone in need of employment wanting to join an organization that has skill-building resources for employees interested in growing their skill sets. Skill-building as a benefit is also ideal for anyone who is uncertain of what career they want to enter and would like to grow their skills while earning a paycheck.

On-the-job training to advance: An apprenticeship, unlike an Earn and Learn program, is a system for providing on-the-job training for a specific trade (such as electrical or plumbing). Most of the training (if not all) is done while working for the employer, who will guide the employee through personal coaching and classroom learning. Apprenticeships vary in length and usually end when the apprentice has demonstrated proficiency in their role. From there, apprentices can move up in title and pay. Currently, SkillUp’s apprenticeships are limited by location, keep an eye out for them as we add them to our platform.

Who this is ideal for:
Anyone wanting to learn a trade through on-the-job training combined with classroom training and then transition into an apprenticeship.