Do you feel like changing careers or exploring a new industry?

Did you know in 2021, over 39 million Americans quit their jobs for better jobs in the same industry or different industries? 

If you are looking for stability, better working conditions, and flexibility in your career, you are not alone. People are looking for jobs that fulfill them and allow them to use their strong skills.

But taking a leap can feel daunting without having a starting point. SkillUp is here to support you every step of the way!

Here are some ways you can begin to make a roadmap to plan a career change:

1- Learn about what skills you possess and how they can translate in growing industries. Did you know many skills gained in customer service, hospitality, and other frontline roles, can all be translated to high-growth industries? 

Utilize our identify your transferable skills tool to learn what skills you already possess.

2- Learn about what interests you and how to apply that to a new career HERE.

3- Learn about why its beneficial for your career long term to upskill and learn new skills HERE

4- Research salary information HERE for various industries. 

5- Learn about how the pandemic recovery will shift employment HERE