As Louisiana’s Economy Bounces Back, Here are Four Fast-Growing Industries to Consider

May 27, 2021

Louisiana is bouncing back. New Orleans alone has seen 23,000 new job openings in the last few months. Shreveport has seen 16,000 new postings. But you don’t want just any job, you want a career.

The good news is that there are several industries across Louisiana with a strong need for workers who are ready to take the next step in their career. Some of the top fields include technology, healthcare, skilled trades, and manufacturing. The better news? Many higher-paying, high-growth jobs in these fields can be attained through upskilling — or the act of gaining new skills and connections through short-term training.

Technology – Average annual salary in Louisiana: $75k
As Louisiana’s economy continues to evolve and become more digitally dependent, landing a job in technology can open doors for you for years to come. Skills in technology are transferable to any industry. Skills in IT, programming, and cybersecurity are in heavy demand by New Orleans’ employers and can be attained through upskilling. Companies in Lafayette and Shreveport have more open user support specialist roles than there are qualified workers to fill. These are opportunities that SkillUp Louisiana can help you access.

Healthcare – Average annual salary in Louisiana: $58k
Healthcare-related occupations will continue to see demand with a need for specialized skills such as respiratory therapy, medical records clerks, and vocational nurses. There is also a high demand for tech workers in healthcare with the increase of telehealth jobs. SkillUp Louisiana offers short-term training programs, from local providers like Unitech Training Academy and McCann School of Business & Technology, which can help you grab hold of these and other growing healthcare careers.

Skilled Trades – Average annual salary in Louisiana: $62k
There has been an increased demand for warehouse and trucking in the last year as well as a need for skilled logistics workers. Additionally, the need for skilled automotive technicians, plumbers, pipefitters, and construction equipment operators is also on the rise. Skilled trades provide on-the-job training, great benefits, and career advancement.

Advanced Manufacturing – Average annual salary in Louisiana: $75k
Manufacturing is showing growth in traditional roles such as machining and welding, as well as in emerging roles like robotics maintenance and automation. This field is a combination of accessible and high paying , with over 80% of jobs in manufacturing not requiring a degree and paying an average salary of $75k a year. Roles such as industrial engineering technicians and industrial machinery mechanics range from $27-$40 median hourly rate and are very attainable through upskilling programs offered by local providers such as South Louisiana Community College.

SkillUps vetted, trusted (local) partners’ training programs range from as little as 6 months to up to 2 years for advanced courses. They can cost as little as $250 on the low end and range up to $2,000, with scholarships of as much as $1,000 for select eligible programs and students.

To get started, take our 30-second questionnaire and learn more about which of these industries is a good fit for you.

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