Product Advisory Panel

Got something to say? Share your experiences and feedback through our SkillUp product advisory panel. 

Share Your Experience!

At SkillUp, we strive to be user-first in all we do. We have assembled an ongoing product advisory panel that consists of workers at various stages of their career, education, and professional development journeys. This panel helps inform, guide, and influence SkillUp services and outreach.

Participation in the program has the following benefits:

  • Compensation for participation: Participants are compensated $25 per hour of participation for their time giving feedback and sharing their stories.
  • Impact on the SkillUp Product: Panelists will have the chance to explore and provide feedback on product modification and features, impacting the thousands of workers who come to each week.
  • Networking:  Members connect and engage with other like-minded individuals exploring career changes.

Participation Criteria:

  • 18+ or older
  • Living in any city in the United States
  • Considering a career change or a training program
  • Earning less than $40,000 a year
  • Open to individuals with a high school degree, certificate, some college, AA/AS degree only. Not open to individuals with a bachelor’s degree.

Our advisory panel meets MONTHLY in the form of 1:1 feedback sessions or small, focus group sessions of 10-12 people. You will always be compensated for your time.

Reach out to [email protected] to be added to our waiting list and we will contact you when we are ready for our next session! 

How To Join

Do you want to join our product advisory panel?

If you are interested in joining, please email [email protected] with the subject “Product Advisory Panel”. Be sure to include why you feel you would be a good fit!

SkillUp helped me realize how out of alignment I currently am with how I want to professionally present. This is helpful to determine actions to take to get closer to professional goals.

I made changes recommended by you and then I received an email stating I am on a qualified candidate list for a job I strongly desire. I only had the confidence to apply for this position after these sessions.

Sarah M.

The coaches with SkillUp are helping to align my skills that I already have obtained over the past 22 years. Before joining the program, it was hard to get an interview or even a call back.

Now, I’ve had two interviews and have applied to a career training program. It helps me to set aside dedicated time for my career path.” – Brad A. 


Christine Personal Trainer to Welder

SkillUp completely opened my eyes to new issues that were never addressed in previous career searches. I loved all of the sessions and helping us transition.

The network pitch and the resume was my 2 weaknesses and it really helped. I came in not knowing what to do next or where to turn for answers but now I have a clearer picture. I feel ready for training and updating my resume and great interviews.” – Tanisha W.

D'Andra Cashier to Machinist

SkillUp has allowed me to grow. I feel less intimidated by challenges in my journey and am more capable of identifying and speaking to my strengths, creating a more authentic personal statement, and writing a more effective resume.” – Shannel S.