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“Go for what you want…there are so many things going on in life that you kind of just want to grasp it all.”

Christine Personal Trainer to Welder

“I would have never pictured myself doing what I do now, and I’m extremely proud of myself.”

D'Andra Cashier to Machinist

“I learned a lot. It wasn’t just the skill of manufacturing, it was the skill of having the confidence to go out and get a job.”

Connect to Open NYC Jobs

Easily connect and apply to Open Roles

Our partnership allows you to easily connect to open jobs via the Brooklyn Chamber Career Center.  View hundreds of open jobs -many with no experience – then sign into the Career Center where first time users can create a profile. Returning job seekers can also update your profile and resume, check the status of jobs you’ve applied for and manage email alerts about new jobs.

Carmen Moreno

Career Coaching Participant

“I was so lost and confused. I was laid off from my job of over 10 years and did not know where to start. I felt so lost. Your coaching gives me hope and makes me feel like I am not alone. It helped me realize that these things happen (job loss) and that there is opportunity out there and I have support. Thank you!”

Lia Sims-Okundaye

Graduate from Boston

“ My Per Scholas journey was challenging but well worth it! I enrolled in the remote IT Support which started on February 1st, 2021 and just finished the 12-week course. The financial support from the SkillUp partnership has helped to support me through my IT Support Course by helping to provide me with my essentials and assisting my family with groceries. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and I am looking forward to starting my new career in Information Technology! ”

Steven Lee

Executive Director of SkillUp Coalition

“ We’re living through a period of high uncertainty and generational change. SkillUp is working to reshape the American workforce in a way that benefits those most impacted by the pandemic. I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead these efforts, work with an incredible coalition of partners, and build on the work SkillUp launched in 2020. ”    


NYC Resources

Workforce One

Workforce One

Workforce1 helps New Yorkers prepare for, and connect to, jobs across New York City's five boroughs and in every sector of the economy. Through their Virtual Workforce1 Career Center system, they can connect you via web or phone (within one to two business days) to one-on-one help from...

Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Public Library

The Brooklyn Public Library offers a variety of library and information services such as books, ebooks, movies, recordings, digital collections, and much more. 

Access NYC – Public Benefits

Access NYC – Public Benefits

Access NYC helps you find work with food, money, housing, and more. There are over 30 programs available including SNAP, Cash Assistance, and medicaid renewal. 

NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection

NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection

The NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP)—formerly the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) protects and enhances the daily economic lives of New York workers to create thriving communities.

National Grid

National Grid

National Grid provides electricity to NY residents. 

Con Edison Energy

Con Edison Energy

Founded in 1823 as the New York Gas Light company, conEdison's electric, gas, and steam service now provides energy for the 10 million people who live in New York City and Westchester County. 

First home down payment assistance

First home down payment assistance

The HomeFirst Down Payment Assistance Program provides qualified homebuyers with up to $100,000 toward the down payment or closing costs on a 1-4 family home, a condominium, or a cooperative in one of the five boroughs of New York City.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

NYC Housing Connect helps New Yorkers to find and apply for affordable housing opportunities accross the five boroughs of NYC. 

NYC Housing Authority

NYC Housing Authority

The New York City Housing Authority's mission is to increase opportunities for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers by providing safe, affordable housing and facilitating access to social and community services. More than 400,000 New Yorkers reside in NYCHA's 326 public housing developments across...

GED Resources

GED Resources

The NYC Department of Education offers a variety of resources for pursuing a high school diploma. Anyone over 21 years old that does not have a high school diploma is eligible.

Health Services – COVID-19

Health Services – COVID-19

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is one of the largest public health agencies in the world. They offer services for clinics, vaccines, child care, rat prevention, and much more.   

How LevelUp Helps Workers

Helping Workers Claim Their Career

Career Paths & Training

Our platform provides recommended career pathways based on your previous jobs, how you like to work, and what industries are growing in your region. Easily find free and low-cost training programs that match your personal career goals.

Coaching & Community

Small group coaching sessions offer you the opportunity to work directly with expert career coaches on everything from resume writing to interview tips. Our social communities allow for networking and best practice sharing with other job seekers navigating their career journey.

Financial Support

Receive up to $1,000 towards your upskilling journey with the SkillUp Together Fund. Our newly launched fund provides financial assistance for workers seeking training programs with our preferred providers and can be used towards tuition, laptops, or other supports like daycare. 

Job Opportunities

Connect to open jobs and employer insights that will help you focus your search. Quickly filter through our job posting catalog to find open opportunities within a 10 to 200 mile radius of your preferred location.

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  • Connect with our team to share your experiences, inform our services and follow our partner providers

About LevelUp NYC

Joining Together for COVID-19 Recovery

LevelUp NYC is proud to partner with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce to support New York City workers. Our non-profit provides career exploration tools, career coaching, training and education programs, and local employer connections. Our goal is simple – to get local workers into high growth, in-demand jobs. 

For over 100 years, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has spoken to the needs of the Brooklyn business community. Founded on February 6, 1918, the Brooklyn Chamber was, even then, a “modern” organization that saw itself as a protector and promoter of the commercial and industrial interests of the city.

As Brooklyn continues to evolve, the Brooklyn Chamber consistently works to offer top-quality services and new opportunities for its members. It advances the borough through outstanding promotion, support and advocacy as Brooklyn’s leading economic development organization.



General Questions

So, how does LevelUp NYC, powered by SkillUp work? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear. 

What exactly is upskilling?

Upskilling is the act of acquiring more career skills and connections through additional short-term education and training.

What do you mean by ‘in-demand jobs’?

SkillUp helps people discover jobs that pay well, plus offer opportunities for growth and advancement. Our career catalog spans business, technology, healthcare, skilled trades, and supply chain.

Why should I take the time to register with SkillUp?

We know this might be a very stressful time for you and we’ve built SkillUp to quickly provide relief to you and others in need. Our free tool can help you discover in-demand jobs available to you now or after a short training program. It takes less than two minutes to get your personalized recommendations.

How much do the training programs cost, will I have to take on debt?

We’ve done our best to find the best free and low-cost training programs where available, but some do require tuition. That’s because we want to make sure they are worth your time and will help you prepare for in-demand jobs. Soon we’ll be able to help you tap into available government financial aid and we’re working with partners to raise funds to help cover your tuition costs.

Do you offer any financial support?
Our SkillUp Together Fund launched in February 2021 and provides up to $1,000 in assistance for workers participating in select training programs. You can find detailed information within our SkillUp Together Fund tab at the top of our site or
Do you provide personal coaching or other 1:1 support?

We do offer small group career coaching sessions (virtually) and also have a wonderful Facebook Community that connects workers and supports looking to network during their career exploration. You can find detailed information within the “Coaching & Community” Resource page.