Learn New Skills & Work Towards a Career You Love

May 8, 2022

Your resume and LinkedIn profile hold a lot of power when job hunting—they are more than just tools for showcasing your experience. When you upload your resume to an online job hunting website like Indeed or Glassdoor, open positions will be matched based on your background. The same happens when you update your LinkedIn profile and if you are actively applying for roles on LinkedIn. 

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into your LinkedIn profile. When you apply for a job on LinkedIn, it will let you know how close of a fit you are based on  the skills listed on your profile. The person who posted the role or the hiring manager of the company will also see how close of a match you are. This means that even if you don’t feel 100% qualified for a role in your dream field, having some of the basic skills needed to perform the job can notify the hiring manager that you could be a good fit!

But how do you learn the skills that you need for your dream job? Let’s go through the many ways, using SkillUp’s resources:

SkillUp’s Training Catalog: Our website has many training programs that are free, or are offered at a low cost. You can also take advantage of our 30 second quiz to see recommended trainings and careers near you!

Digital Skills Training Programs: Digital skills are important in our ever evolving workforce. These free resources cover a range of essential digital training including navigating Google office suite, learning new technologies like video conferencing, and more!

Once you have completed these free trainings, make sure to add these new skills to your resume, update your LinkedIn profile, and begin searching for a job you love.

Need help figuring out what your desired career is? Check out this blog to help you get started.


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