How Career Coaching Can Guide You In Your Career

Jul 1, 2022

Did you know we offer free career coaching? A career coach is someone who helps you establish realistic goals, discover solutions to challenges you may face, develop action plans, and build confidence to take action. Working with a SkillUp career coach means working with someone who shares in your ultimate goal, while creating excitement and motivation during the process. 

“This was a great session!” “Thank you for this series!” “I keep coming back because there is always something I can incorporate into my personal development and job search.”’

These are just a few testimonials from participants of SkillUp’s career coaching program. We hear from dozens of workers in their upskilling journey on how valuable career coaching is. Career coaching can guide you in your career, and SkillUp offers free career coaching services

We provide free career coaching programming every week and cover a wide range of topics on professional development. Some topics include learning about yourself, self-exploration in the context of career goals, how to ace an interview, how to find a job you love by accessing the skills you already have, and much more. Through  our career coaching services, you can connect with experts who will help you take action so you can move into the industry you most want to be in. 

Something unique about  our career coaching program is that you will also have the opportunity to meet and network with other workers who are navigating career and training opportunities. Participants in the coaching program are encouraged to share their celebrations, what they are struggling with, and where they may need support. Coaches go through exercises with attendees and everyone can practice together! 

Having a support system is key in your upskilling journey, and by participating in SkillUp’s coaching services, you can find the right community for you.

SkillUp’s Facebook Career Support Group is where you can connect with other career changers and get support in your career journey. SkillUp’s career coaching can also help you find resources to accelerate your career journey and help you overcome some of the most common barriers to upskilling. 

Sign up today for SkillUp’s free virtual career coaching sessions!

Social Caption: Looking to land a high-growth job in an in-demand field but not sure where to start in your upskilling journey? Looking to connect with other workers and learn more about how to tackle some common challenges? SkillUp’s free career coaching services can connect you with experts who will share action steps and resources to help you succeed in your career! Read our blog to learn more. 

Twitter: SkillUp offers FREE career coaching services for workers to connect with experts who will share action steps and resources in upskilling! Check out SkillUp’s virtual career coaching sessions—we can help you succeed in your career!


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