How A Growth Mindset Can Motivate Us

Mar 30, 2022

We hear about different mindsets when it comes to both professional and personal aspects of our lives. So how can we harness the power of our mindset to empower and motivate us to build skills and make confident career shifts? 

Understanding a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset allows you to  face challenges head-on by thinking of different skills that you can acquire along the way, and empowers you to use them when you are  met with a difficult situation. People with a growth mindset believe that their talents can be developed, whether that is over time, through hard work, or feedback and appreciation from others. 

Those with a growth mindset prioritize learning and developing their skills and talents at work and in their personal lives. For example, maybe you want to develop your public speaking skills or you are striving to set a new best at the gym. A growth mindset can motivate you to do big things in all aspects of your life. 

Try using a growth mindset to help you seize the opportunities to skill up or even change careers. 

The Opposite of a Growth Mindset

The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset. With a fixed mindset, you may find yourself shying away from challenges or opportunities to grow, be afraid of failure, or get defensive when questioned. When you have  a fixed mindset, you tell yourself that you are incapable of doing something, and therefore, make it true. 

Neither a growth or a fixed  mindset are set in stone and we can fluctuate between them in different situations. Maybe there was a time when you might have missed out on an opportunity because you were afraid of the way you were going to be perceived. We’ve all been in situations where our fixed mindset can take over and make us think, “I can’t do this.” Next time you find yourself in a similar moment, try thinking “I can’t do it yet, but I will learn from this moment and gain skills to do it next time.”

A growth mindset can help you feel empowered, committed, and motivated to upskill or change careers. We learn valuable lessons when we take risks and overcome obstacles. We learn to be confident in our abilities and talents. Now is the time to take steps to cultivate a growth mindset! 

Tips to Develop a Growth Mindset

  • See your challenges as opportunities to grow
  • Celebrate success in yourself as well as others
  • Take a moment to reflect on what you can learn each day 
  • Learn from feedback  and be open to hearing suggestions
  • Try new things and venture out of your comfort zone!

We can support you on your way to achieving a growth mindset with resources and trainings for the next step in your career.


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