Exciting Announcement: SkillUp Has New & Improved Features To Help You UpSkill!

Jun 8, 2022

This week we launched a fully-updated experience with new career and training program features to help you learn more about in-demand career opportunities! We have also added brand new training programs that you can access online or in-person, or both!

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Find training by choosing an industry (healthcare, skilled trades, business, supply chain & logistics, and technology) and browsing the trainings within each industry. Filtering through our site is now easier than ever!

Learn about different career training in one simple snap shot.

Each training program profile will show you the length of training, time it takes to complete training, salary potential, and much more!

Get started by creating a new account.
Make sure you create a profile so you can easily save, store, share and revisit preferences! If you created a profile prior to June 2022, you will need to create one again.

Our new platform lets you customize your training and learn about careers easier than ever before!

With our new site, you can now:

• Learn about the careers our training programs can lead to and get insight on earning and salary potential, remote work opportunities, and more!

• Be able to explore high-growth careers and filter by a variety of options such as cost, program length, and future potential salaries. 

• Have the ability to save all the training programs you are interested in, in one convenient location in your profile!

• Learn about upcoming career coaching opportunities. Did you know our career coaching is FREE?

• Learn about our on-the-job training employers who are actively hiring now if you are looking for immediate employment opportunities.

Learn about training and conveniently save all the trainings you are interested in to your personalized list! You can even email them to yourself!
Learn about earning potential in one convenient snapshot!

What our users have to say
We let some of our users take a sneak peak of our new experience and here is what they had to say:

“I would recommend this site to a friend, its incredible!”
“I love how I can favorite trainings that peak my interest. It’s so easy!”
“Love the resources and how there is support beyond training, such as coaching and life resources and overall resources to get started. I feel less intimidated”

Learn details about each training program such as the location, the potential salary, and more, directly when viewing the training profile on the SkillUp site!

Fall in love with your next career today. Visit explore.skillup.org to get started!

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