Demystifying the IT industry (and how you can get in without a degree)

Mar 24, 2021

Information Technology: The industry for problem solversThinking about switching careers? Do you enjoy tackling issues related to technology, troubleshooting, and problem-solving? IT might be just the industry for you! But what skills are required to enter this rapidly growing industry? Skills like communication, creativity, problem-solving, and attention-to-detail – all skills you may already have – will make you successful in this sector. Most careers in IT require you to work either on a team or with colleagues to collaborate on solving technology-related issues. If you have experience or passion working in teams and envision yourself in an industry that is rapidly evolving, a career in IT could be just the right fit for you.

Math, degrees, and other common misconceptions around the IT industryThere are many misconceptions around the Information Technology space, some of which being you need to be a math whiz or have experience with computer programming. In reality, over 50% of current IT job openings don’t require a college degree but rather only proof you have the training and skills to do the job. A certification is a great avenue to learn a new industry and validate expertise. Employers in this space seek workers who have a spark for curiosity, love to learn, and enjoy solving problems for an organization. Additionally, although math is important, is not a requirement or a component of IT.

Rapidly Growing Role Alert: IT Support Specialist
The demand for IT Support roles has multiplied due to COVID as many organizations shifted to remote models and new needs were created to accommodate virtual work. An IT Specialist is the go-to computer/network support person at an organization. Have you ever been at a job and noticed your hardware not working correctly? You have probably called or emailed IT before and they have helped you get back into your computer, troubleshoot an issue, or get set up on equipment. IT Support is the lifeline of any organization because they keep the day-to-day technology operations working seamlessly. Not only does an IT Specialist make a profound contribution to an organization, but they also get the opportunity to consistently interact with team members as their role intersects with anyone using company-owned hardware and software.

Explore IT jobs today
SkillUp has several IT-related jobs in our career offerings. Our learning programs range from 3 months to 10 months for program completion, and they can all be accessed remotely and are designed to accommodate anyone with a busy schedule looking to enter a new industry and learn on their own time.  Learn more about various roles in IT along with their salary range and demand in your area by clicking on each role below:

Information Systems Manager
Computer Systems Analyst
Web Developer
IT Support Specialist
Information Security Analyst


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