Breaking Barriers: How To Work From Home

Feb 12, 2021

Work From Home.. Solving The Mystery

We know you have heard the term before, especially over the course of this last year with the momentous shift toward remote work that resulted from the pandemic. But how exactly do you find an industry that allows you to work from home and create flexibility in your schedule? Is it a matter of finding a remote company, or the type of work you do? Or a combination of both? In this breaking barriers series, we will uncover how to work from home, and how to find an industry and organization that is aligned with working from home culture.

Industry vs. Culture
Traditionally, remote work was more commonly found in only certain industries. Tech companies were known to offer this flexible option because most of the work is done through using some form of computer software or internet-based program (email, Google suite, etc) at a technology company. Through the past year, more employers from various industries, have realized that working from home is a benefit in itself, and organizations are adapting working from home into their overall culture model. Remote opportunities can be found more prominently in organizations that have realized the long-term benefits in minimizing the dependence for an office.

When exploring careers, especially ones that will offer remote options, ask yourself this question to determine if you are entering a career that will indeed allow you to work from home:

Does this type of work require being in an office location that I have to travel to, or can I do the work from a computer or a tool that does not require traveling to a fixed location?

If the answer is suited to being able to do the type of work from a computer, then upskilling to a new career that will lead to jobs that offer remote options is the perfect next step if you are envisioning having this type of work set up.

Companies have adapted, now how do I adapt?
If working from home is still a new concept to you, you are not alone. Working from home requires creating a routine and making your home workspace comfortable to perform your duties and tasks as if you were in a real office. This article by HubSpot highlights tips for working from home such as creating a routine and managing your time effectively.

Now get to the good stuff.. What jobs can offer remote work?
Job such as IT, graphic design, marketing, clinical research, healthcare admin, HR, customer success, and sales require in-demand skills that can be learned through an upskilling program. These roles do not require a degree, and all of these jobs can be done remotely. These jobs are in industries that will continue to grow and thrive, and provide stability.

Here are a few steps if you are considering changing industries and looking to find a career that can allow for remote work.

Filter your job search by entry-level and remote on websites such as Indeed and LinkedIn can help you find valid work from home opportunities where you can grow and advance.


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