What certifications are and how they can be helpful in your job search

Sep 15, 2022

Pursuing and earning a certificate is a great way to keep up to date with current skills and trends in your industry. Learn how to keep your skills current, make them stand out on a job application, and know when to keep adding certifications to your toolkit.

Set yourself up for success by keeping up to date with your certificate

You should be very proud of yourself for earning a certificate! This is a huge accomplishment and achievement, but remember that you may need to follow up to keep your certificate current.

After spending so much time earning a certification, it would be a shame to miss a deadline and have your certificate become inactive. Once you’ve earned your certificate, set a calendar reminder for two months before your certification expires to make sure you don’t miss a deadline. Did you earn more than one certificate? Make sure to set reminders for all of them!

Once you’ve earned your certificate, make a checklist for yourself to keep up with any follow up. Is there anything else you need to do to keep your certifications current, like bi-monthly check-ins or additional classes?

Research the different requirements for your certificate, as there may be differences in local and national requirements. Know them all and keep up to date!

Learn how to always keep your skills current

Many certifications do not require renewals, but it is important to be on top of industry trends to ensure your knowledge is still relevant. See if your organization offers upskilling or on the job trainings to keep up to date on industry knowledge. Do some research on what skills you need to learn to move up internally in your company or grow outside of your current job. Use the SkillUp catalog to see if we have any offerings to help you grow in these skills!

Don’t be afraid to add more certificates to your toolkit

Many industries are rapidly evolving. For example, if you are in marketing, you may be certified in direct mail marketing, but an additional certification in digital marketing may help you grow even further in your role. Ask yourself what skills or duties you find yourself doing within your current role that you want to build upon. By adding an additional certificate that is relevant to your industry or your passion, you can stand out even more to future employers or for future opportunities.

Learn more about SkillUp and our training catalog here.


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