This Just In: New Features! More Resources!

Mar 8, 2023

New Features! More Resources!

You spoke and we listened. We made improvements to our site so it is easier than ever for you to use. 

We are excited to share even more career resources and guided support for all your career navigation needs and help you find the right career path.

Over the last few years, we have learned a lot from our users. Our users have shared that when approaching and thinking of a career change, they need a simple approach that offers guidance and connects them to careers that are suited for their preferences. Our users have also shared that they want to learn about different careers and see what is available for them.

With our new features, you can now learn about your working preferences and be matched to training for jobs best suited for you. Our Work Style quiz let’s you see what kind of working styles you have.
Why is this important? It is proven that career satisfaction is higher when we are in careers that allow us to use our strengths.

Also, our new “My Path” experience gives you a personalized experience that is tailored for YOU. Once you create a profile, we guide you in getting started with career exploration, training, and job connections – including resources and career coaching.

What’s New?

Easily explore careers, training, and jobs all in one place

Personalize your “My Path” and receive helpful career tips & milestones

Connect your skills and interests to career opportunities (and open jobs!) with our new “Work Styles” quiz

View local & national job and life resources 

Like, save, and share careers, training, jobs, and more!

SkillUp is built for workers. Think of us as a career coach by your side offering you guided support, motivation, and career opportunities that don’t require a college degree.
Learn more at: Explore.

Check out all the new updates at!


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