SkillUp’s Best Kept Secret: Resources for Your Career Journey

Jul 26, 2021

Did you know? SkillUp has an exclusive career journey resource page? You may have not seen it before because it is not on our main web page experience. If you have taken our questionnaire and been matched with jobs that fit your experience, you may have created a login. Once you login here: you will see your profile page and this screen below. Our exclusive resources live under the “resources for your journey tab.”

If you have not taken our questionnaire yet, follow this link to take the questionnaire and learn about what jobs are best suited for you based on your preferences and background. It only takes 30 seconds and shows you a comprehensive list of growing and stable careers with all the flexible training options under each career pathway.

If you click “Resources for your journey” you see 5 resource categories.

If you click, take my first step, you will see the first step in a job loss or career journey. There are links for processing and managing emotions after a job loss and also other important resources such as financial management and healthcare coverage.

The next category is “Get to Know Myself” where you can utilize our various tools to identify what skills you hold and learn the difference between hard and soft skills and how to translate your skills into new job opportunities.

The following category is “Explore My Options” which explores why upskilling is important and how to upskill through short term training. This area also touches on the different kind of work opportunities that exist and options to explore.

The fourth category is “Get Going” which is where you can find resources for your job search once you have identified your interests and skills. These resources cover resume templates, cover letter tips, interview tips, and tools to learn the platforms to apply for jobs at.

The last resource, “Land the Job” offers resources for what to do when you get a job offer (such as salary negotiation) and how to succeed in a new role. 


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