Our New Site Experience- Through A User Perspective

Mar 18, 2023

Explore SkillUp! SkillUp’s newest enhancement to the SkillUp career seeker support website

Our site experience recently got an upgrade. We have been beyond excited to announce our new site experience to our audience and to have our workers test drive the new experience. We thought it would be fun to have one of our very own users let us know what they think about the new experience. The article below was written by a user who has been with SkillUp since we launched.
Learn what they had to say below!

Earlier this month SkillUp unveiled its latest upskillers support yet, the Explore SkillUp site. If you’ve ever wanted a site that was truly a one-stop shop to help you find resources for career development, free and low cost training, blogs, career coaching and remote opportunities, you are in for a treat. This site has all the above and so much more. But don’t take my word for it, let’s dig in to see what you’ll find.

What is Explore SkillUp?

Explore SkillUp is a new career website dedicated to jobseekers and career changers who could use a little help in finding resources to help them navigate the tumultuous job market. Many of us work in jobs that don’t spark our curiosity and oftentimes only resorting to careers that we are exposed to within our community. With so many career paths available today in up-and-coming industries it can be daunting to know where to start. SkillUp has a unique perspective on this and has created a solution to help career seekers explore other career opportunities that you may have not considered. SkillUp is, “investigating what career trends are out there and what training and resources can help you to get them.”

What Will You Experience?

Once on the site you will search and experience categories linked within the page labeled: My Path, Explore Careers, Find Training, Apply to Jobs and more. In My Path you will be able to create a profile or “path” where information tailored just for you will be saved and available for you to build upon each time you visit the site. Within the Explore Careers link you’ll have access to gain insights into in-demand industries in your area along with job titles, salary ranges and highlights on training for that occupation.  While perusing the various careers shown you may click on the image of the career and then save as many as you’d want to your profile for later review. My Path is your gateway to Find Training in your area for careers and industries that you want to learn more about. In the Apply to Jobs link you’ll have the ability to search for open positions, discover “Earn and Learn” jobs that provide benefits like tuition assistance and scholarships and more. Prefer a Remote Only training and career opportunities? Simply click on Remote Only to view training and career paths targeted to those who wish to cultivate a remote training and working environment.

The Choice is Always Yours!

Whether you choose to polish your skills for your current job, read the latest SkillUp Blog for career tips, prepare for a future promotion  with free Career Coaching or if you’re interested in switching industries, Explore SkillUp can help you track your career interests, find free and low cost training. It’s a dedicated space to save your career interests to come back to again and again. The site is a tool that you can use throughout the life of your career as your journey twists and turns. With frequent updates expected you will be sure to find new and exciting career paths to learn more about and explore. We encourage you to share Explore SkillUp with your friends, family, neighbors, and anyone who you feel could benefit from learning about upskilling.


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