Learn how to succeed in your role with this guide and create a success plan

Dec 21, 2022

Starting a new job can be a very exciting time. You will be meeting new people, learning new skills, and getting acclimated to a new environment. Starting a new job can also be a very busy time, so it is important you are mindful going into a role of how to set yourself up for success. This guide will help better prepare you for entering a new job and creating a successful first few months as you settle and get more comfortable.

Step 1: Get to know your manager and talk about goals.
Ask your manager what success looks like for you and map it out. Make sure you get to know your manager and build rapport with them. Create goals for yourself in your role with your manager.

Step 2: Get to know your colleagues.
Learn the company culture and while doing so, learn who your colleagues are and find ways to connect with them. Not every conversation needs to be work-related and its been proven that building a connection with colleagues helps have better synergy when working on projects.

Step 3: Set boundaries with yourself. It is natural to want to give as much as you can in a new role but you also want to be mindful of your capacity and mental health.

Step 4: It’s okay to be uncomfortable.
A new job can bring feelings of discomfort and unknown, and that is okay. Sit with it, and do not be hard on yourself. We all experience Imposter Syndrom, and that is how we grow. 

Step 5: Be kind to yourself. You will be learning a lot of new skills, systems, and even ways of working. Being patient and kind to yourself is key.

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